The Last 2 Weeks in my GSoC

We’re already on Week 3 of the coding period of Google Summer of Code! As a reminder, I’m adding Python support to a few KDE Frameworks. During the first two weeks I added support for KWidgetsAddons, and it’s now almost finished except for two widgets whose bindings aren’t generated properly and don’t compile.

I also wrote (with the help of my mentor Carl) the necessary CMake code to build the library. That part is probably going to end (hopefully) in extra-cmake-modules so it can be used by anyone easily. The plan is to eventually submit each of the bindings to their repository so it’s easier to keep the C++ libraries in sync with their Python bindings.

This week I will be adding some examples for KWidgetAddons now that it’s on a usable status. If you want to see how it’s going, you can take a look at the code.