Python Bindings for KDE Frameworks

This is a brief overview of the project that I will be doing this summer as part of Google Summer of Code.

As the title of this post says, I will create Python bindings for KDE Frameworks. There are more than 70 libraries, so the aim is to add support for three of them: KWidgetsAddons, KCoreAddons and KI18n. As predicting how much time we’ll need for each one is a little bit complex, I might end adding support to other libraries if the time allows.

To create the library we’ll use Shiboken, a tool originally created to generate the Python bindings of Qt (PySide6), but it can also be used with non-Qt code. The plan is to have the library be built automatically by the CI on I will also add documentation and examples on how to use it.

I still need to figure out a name for the Python library that we hope to upload to PyPI once it becomes usable.

The project is mentored by Carl Schwan, who also proposed the idea.